A feeling or an emotional experience
A promise you make to consumers when they do business with you.

Brand Values
Key behaviors, or virtues of the brand, that need to be expressed consistently day in and day out. Taken together, these values form the essence or theme of the brand.

Brand Drivers
Detailed and descriptive aspects of the brand.

Brand Persona
A set of human-like characteristics describing someone who keeps a brand’s promise.

Brand Book
The complete story of the brand and all the elements that go into it. Should include an overview of brand values, the core promise, the drivers, and persona.

Brand Equity
The value of a brand in the marketplace; higher brand value allows the brand to sell things at a higher price point, and high brand equity means the brand is easily recognizable and well-known within the market

Brand Strategy
A plan that defines who a company is, where they want to go, how they are getting there, and why they want to go there; this is an extension of the business strategy

The act of embedding what makes a particular company unique in the mind of others; when a customer recalls a brand, it’s tied to a feeling in their mind

Net Promoter Score
A measurement of customer loyalty; determined by asking how likely a customer is to recommend the brand or company to someone they know

Origin Story
The story of how a company came to be what they are and why they are that way; also sometimes called “company DNA”

Using marketing strategies to differentiate your company in the eyes of customers in order to appeal to your target audience within your specific market

Any and every time a consumer interacts with a particular brand

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