Social Media Marketing

A/B test
Marketing tactic that compares two creative options to determine the one that performs best

The people in your community who are the pacemakers and trendsetters and wield large influence over the network

A management tool that lets you send out and schedule social media posts

Everything an organization uses to tell its story, including email, blogs, videos, posters, and social networks

A feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals content Information made available by website or other electronic medium

Customer Acquisition Cost
The price you pay for every new customer, found by adding up your sales and marketing budget for a given time and dividing that by the total number of customers you get in that time

Online Platform
The place where your community resides online

SEO (search engine optimization)
Tactics used to make an organization’s website appear at the top of a search engine

Social Media
Various forms of online communication that are used to share information, develop relationships, and enhance businesses

Social Media Policy
A code of conduct for the way your company will behave online

Strategic Considerations
A review of the business landscape that helps identify potential problems with achieving a goal

Three Ps
A strategy where one thinks like a publisher,

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